Monthly Archives: December 2013

Mr.Mandela, will you accept this rose?

With poor electricity and internet-connection it took two days before the sad news about Mandela’s death reached me in Lombok. I cried, but felt I was part of a universal grief there from the jungle. I didn’t have to share my sorrow or story with anyone on FB or Instagram. Little did I know that I was gonna be taken straight back to the day that I gave a rose to him and president De Klerk – and later share it on national news.

But my memories went back to the cold day in Febuary 20 years ago, when I got to meet my biggest hero.

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A world-record and a “scream” later

It’s been one hell of a ride; with ups and downs, highs and lows. It all evolved from the hitchhike with Keith last year, to the creation and completion of the crazy adventure: The “Grand Tours Project“. In numbers: 10,533 km cycled, 157,848 meters climbed, 407:32 hours and 63 days on the bike. But most importantly 170 countries were reached in our mission of inspiring all of us to listen to “the scream from nature”.

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