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Three days in LA

Three contrasty days to my previous beach-months? Oh yeah.

Three girls staying with Alex: the supermodel Gitte, the dancer Ane and the backpacker (moi). Alex Herron is known for directing musicvideos for stars like Kylie Minogue, Pitbull and Basshunter, but is known to me for his good heart, honesty and hospitality. Last night, 300 meters away from Alex’s appartment in Hollywood Boulevard, celebrities walked down the red Oscar-carpet.

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So long!

Till we meet again…

To sum up my stay in Cabarete:
Home – away from home.
A new passion – for (wave)surfing.
My first love – Music! I’ve finally in my life started practicing guitar.
Nammm – homemade recipes from “mama” (oatmeal and cucumber-juice).
Friends – for life. Locals and travelers.
Parties – crazy ones with no alcohol but with lot’s of booty-shaking.
Balsam – for the soul. Yoga, walks, good talks, training, kiting, surfing, tea with honey.

Quote – I’LL BE BACK…

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(Some of) The Folks

Reiner – The german Mr.Niceguy who recently sold his business and house to migrate to the Dominican Republic. Before leaving he gave different colored post-it notes to his family and friends; one color for each person. He invited them to stick the post-its onto the items they wanted; the DVD-player, the TV, the stereosystem – everything there. The only rule was that they could only collect the items after he had left. He wanted to keep his home till the bitter(sweet) end, before heading off to a new unknown start here in Cabarete.

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Right now I’m in paradise

It is hard to recall all the time we have spent thinking about the future. And either our thoughts about “what-will-come” have been of concern or excitement, these past thoughts seems to be gone once we are in that future. As soon as we enter a new place, the thinking that we’ve had about that place is already a faded memory, collected and erased in the pile of hours spent on being somewhere other than we are. And this is the misfortunate downside of the fortunate upside of not having decided a single destination of my trip in advance. My mind is often occupied by that little bird who wants to wander off to the next destination.

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