2 weeks in silence, 1 week of fasting

Actually there were 3 weeks in the Himalayas not showering, 2 weeks in India not speaking and now 7 days in Thailand not eating.

I haven’t had alcohol, red meat or hardly no coffee during this whole trip. It was a mental detox meditating for 100 hours during the Vipassana course. I worked on freeing myself from old thought-patterns and bad memories, and now I wanted to give my body the same detoxing cleanse. You store a lot of toxins and metals in your body, from years back, and the purpose of this detox is to reset your body as much as possible.

I’ve gone through many different phases during the cleanse; from being low on energy, full of energy to actually feeling toxins being released from the body -a very strange feeling that came first on day 6 and 7. I met a bunch of interesting people who came to the island for the same reasons; healers, therapists and nutritionists. Everybody helping each other in some way, by good chats or various treatments.

In the West we are used to go to the doctor if we have pains or aches somewhere; a bad knee, migraine or a broken arm. If we venture to the doc without knowing what is wrong we are regarded as paranoids. But what if we don’t have a good connection with our body and our goal is to understand ourselves? I didn’t have any major problems or aches, but out of curiosity I tried a lot of alternative therapies on this trip. It was cheap and available. And of all the stuff I tried I found some if it bullocks, but most of it interesting. It also depended on the therapist off course. There was in particular one therapist, doing acupressure and cranial sacrum healing who was brilliant! The Danish guy, Lars, was in Koh Samui with his brother and his ex-sister in law. A wonderful and odd family constellation with the three sweethearts. Unfortunately his brother is suffering from severe cancer for the third year, and the only treatment that has actually proven to get his PH-levels up, is this detox. So they were back for the second time. Lars didn’t do the detox himself, but stayed rather fit to treat his brother. He also treated me and many others just out of compassion for the urge of helping, for free. I can’t explain enough how thankful I am for what he did for me. By using my feet as his computer-keyboard he could read that my spleen was fucked (I had no idea). And by using my feet as his tool he fixed it, which again got rid of the tight knots I’ve always had on my calfs! You have no idea how many hours I’ve spent trying to loosen up these knots for 14 years now, and I couldn’t believe it was for real.

But it was. And now 2 weeks later, the knots are still completely gone.

By learning from all these wonderful people and by observing my mind and body I’ve noticed things about myself I never knew. I realized my breath was very shallow, but don’t you think Lars fixed this too after an acupressure-session! My breath feels totally different now. And if it wasn’t for the fact that I have recently spent three whole days (30 consistent hours) during the Vipassana observing my breath, I might not have noticed the difference so significantly. But now I know for sure.

I’ve also learnt that I don’t want to drink diet coke again. I realized finally WHY it’s so important to chew food properly and to eat slowly. I’ll listen more carefully to what you say next time grandma! I’ve learnt about food combinations, nutrition, Ayurvedic medicine (I also met an amazing doctor in this field). All in all it is as if a light has been switched on and I intend to learn and grow much more in this field of body and mind.

To sum up these few months, I feel so fully wholly free and as good as I can be right now. It feels like the 1 1/2 year prior to this has been building up to what I believe is the most life-changing two months of my life.

I am so thankful for having had this physical and mental journey and for having crossed paths with some truly inspiring people. Now I’m on my way home for christmas with the biggest smile on my face and in my heart. It will be the first time I’m in winter-Norway in over two years and I am very excited to meet everyone. However I intend to keep up with this good path also back home #26 < ;3


The yoga shala


My friend Truls visiting from Singapore.


Cooking class. Yummy!!!




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