Monthly Archives: October 2011

Surfchampionship and hammocks

And yeah, as of my bad luck yesterday, boa sorte (good luck) came my way today. In Taiba this weekend it has been “the final of the Brazilian national surf-championship”. A sentence that in itself lingers the smell of excitement, music, smily happy people and coco-nut oil. Also Vincent finished the kiterepair so I just got back from some amazing few hours in the lagoon after having watched the incredibly skilled surfers this morning. Last night I was invited to a BBQ with a french family I just met: “Boogie-Franco”, his wife, their daughter and a dog named caipi (short for caiprinha).They have built their dreamhome here. And their house had the perfect ambience -with hammocks everywhere, giant pillows, a bed in the garden and a huuuge projector on the wall for film-screeenings and photos. The wall could contain any “painting” they feel like. Ironically I get to practice my french in Brazil and we had a blast! So cheers in caipi for inspiration #2; Go to, or invite, unfamiliar people for dinner. The outcome can definately be lots of laughter (the best calorie-burner of them all). Hospitality, good atmosphere and comfort makes a home, and projectors and hammocks does it for me. I did hang up two hammocks on the terrace of marsmellow-bo this summer, but both of them broke. Anyhow, a new note to self: Don’t give up on this hammock-project(or). You love’em!


A broken kite

Today I was big time outta luck. My first day of kitesurfing and the kite broke. According to my friends it’s with no doubt a warranty-case. Crossing my fingers they’re right. But since I’m here and need it everyday it’s allready at my friend Vincent’s for repair, the areas kitedoctor. I hope my bad luck this first day, means I’ll be lucky tomorrow. Boa sorte…


Taiba baby

There is a tiny fishing village northeast in Brasil called Taiba. It’s not in lonely planet, It’s hardly on the map, it has a handful of restaurants, one pharmacy, two grocery-stores and no bar. But rumors say there will open one next week… And rumors say it’ll probably close again the week after. We’ll see. My pilot-uncle, who has travelled all around the world, and back, fell in love with the place and bought a house here 15 years ago. Then my grandparents fell in love (with the place) and followed 5 years later. It has a very local charm. White beaches meeting raw rocks that melts into perfect natural pools at low-tide. Horses riding in the sanddunes. And really happy mellow people; fishermen, fishermens women, surfers and kitesurfers. Yep, cause the best of it all, it happens to be one of the best spots in the world for kitesurfing! And one of the best spots in Brazil for surfing. I’ve been here a few times before and have some local friends around. I also have some routines I tend to stick with, like my daily morning beach-walk or an acai on my way to the lagoon. So it allready feels pretty homy. And this place Taiba, this remote paradise, luckily forgotten by lonely planet, is where I am right now. Sweet!


Surprises, Stefan & Anne

Sweetest Matty and Benne, which surprised me with coffee, buns and a ride to the airport at wayyyy to early this morning, made my day! With Benne’s specially made good-morning playlist for the ride, even at 4:15 in the morning, you girls rock!!! In the plane and in the backpack there were two more surprises; a buddha-notebook to write down my inner secrets and the novel “Jonathan the Seagull” with a beautifully written letter. BIG thanks Matty, Benne and Hanne for making the goodbye so special. Allthough I usually hate goodbyes and must admit I cried a few tears when you left…
I promised myself that I’ll be writing down what inspires me along the way here, to collect the memories in my first ever attempt of some sort of diary. So cheers to the first (#1) inspiration which came from you girls back home. “Surprises” are never out of fashion. Large or small, a little card or time together. Whatever they are -they are soooo aprecciated. Thanks again… Then a long planeride, some sleeping, more sleeping, a bit of reading, moviewatching, even more sleeping and a transit later, I met a really nice couple. She, a model. He, a photgrapher. She, assisting in the photoshoot. And now, allthough based in Munich, they travel around the globe kitesurfing and taking photos. Cool people, different and inspiring lifestyle. Let’s meet up again Stefan and Anne! :)