Monthly Archives: July 2012

Catch me if you can

The first ever kitesurf-event in Sri Lanka, Red Bull Island hopping, was on. It was a race through open water, shallow water, chop, windshadows, lagoons and fishermen. The two of us joined in to meet the kitesurfing community on the island and to quickly get a notion of the conditions. It was great, although I got caught in a fishing net. It was pretty freaky, but luckily I made my way out of it eventually after a serious fight with the threads…

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The tree of destinies begins with Henning, a guy I met in the Dominican republic. Through Norwegian Henning I came in touch with Sri Lankan Mr. Asanga; a former sportsman now businessman. Mr. Asanga is building hotels on the former war zone, now developing east-coast. I am here to look at possibilities for making a sports-division at the hotels. Alf Martin is a kiter, a marketing-guy and a nice guy too. He came along after a Facebook-chat when he asked about my summer plans, out of the blue. And maybe he’ll stay too.

There are so many destinies, and maybe this one is ours.

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