The tree of destinies begins with Henning, a guy I met in the Dominican republic. Through Norwegian Henning I came in touch with Sri Lankan Mr. Asanga; a former sportsman now businessman. Mr. Asanga is building hotels on the former war zone, now developing east-coast. I am here to look at possibilities for making a sports-division at the hotels. Alf Martin is a kiter, a marketing-guy and a nice guy too. He came along after a Facebook-chat when he asked about my summer plans, out of the blue. And maybe he’ll stay too.

There are so many destinies, and maybe this one is ours.

I wasn’t even supposed to go to The Dominican Republic, but now I’m here. Maybe I’m destined to stay for longer than these four weeks, maybe not. I will accept my trail anyhow. But the horrible destiny that has been haunting this island for years, spilling blod mainly in the north and on the east-coast, must not be forgotten. We’ve been touring all 8 hotel properties and seen the two building sites of the hotels that are supposed to be opening within the next few months. The land is beautiful, the sand is white and pristine, the people are friendly, but there are still bullet holes to be seen. It is now time to clean. Tsunamis and war -please stay away. These people need a branch of their destinies tree to grow fast and not astray. And maybe even we could play a small role in it. For the next month we’ll keep on touring and exploring to find out as much as possible. And, as I like to say; who knows what the future holds for the next day.


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