Right now I’m in paradise

It is hard to recall all the time we have spent thinking about the future. And either our thoughts about “what-will-come” have been of concern or excitement, these past thoughts seems to be gone once we are in that future. As soon as we enter a new place, the thinking that we’ve had about that place is already a faded memory, collected and erased in the pile of hours spent on being somewhere other than we are. And this is the misfortunate downside of the fortunate upside of not having decided a single destination of my trip in advance. My mind is often occupied by that little bird who wants to wander off to the next destination.

But right now I’m excactly where I wanna be – in paradise. At least in my paradise, for now. I’m still in the Dominican Republic, the place it’s called Cabarete and my bird is on vacation.

The plan was to stay for about a week or ten days, but as most others who come here, I am too staying longer. My home for the timebeing is called the Extreme hotel, and as the name lingers it is pretty hard core. Right outside my window there is a circus training-venue where one can practice flying-trapeze. There is also a gym, a skateboard-ramp, a jujitzu training-field, a yoga-loft facing the ocean. And the ocean; the open playground with wind, waves and swell.

Next destination will probably be Hawaii, but that’s later. Right now I’m here, and after a little more than a week I already feel like a local. The guy at the Mexican place makes me my very own special dish, Molly (the yogainstructor) calls me by my name, I have a tab at the bar, every morning I have a morning-coffee at the Coffee Company and I go to the gym and kite every day. The rest of the time is spent hanging out with all the fine people who happens to be here too, sharing a home in Cabarete.

For sure I’ve experienced #21 on this adventuretripping of mine, that the “check-off-the-list-been-there-done-that” type of travelling is officially not my thing. Whenever I’m staying in one place for a little bit of time, without hasting off to the next spot, that’s when I’m enjoying the most. That’s when I get my peace and time off from that busy travel-bird of mine.

















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