(Some of) The Folks

Reiner – The german Mr.Niceguy who recently sold his business and house to migrate to the Dominican Republic. Before leaving he gave different colored post-it notes to his family and friends; one color for each person. He invited them to stick the post-its onto the items they wanted; the DVD-player, the TV, the stereosystem – everything there. The only rule was that they could only collect the items after he had left. He wanted to keep his home till the bitter(sweet) end, before heading off to a new unknown start here in Cabarete.

Julia -the Canadian hot chick who, on her way back from the Dominican Republic, went to LA to try her luck and seek fame.

Kalvin -the local Don Juan who’s soon gonna be hitting a plane (for the first time) to compete Ju Jitsu in Los Angeles.

Kalvin’s FB-post: “I can’t wait to go to Los Angeles!”
Julia’s comment: “Cool, when will you be in LA?”
Kelvin’s reply: “I don’t know where LA is, but I’m going to Los Angeles”.

Ahhhh, what a cutie…

Karen – The Austrian banker who is on her 20%-paid-3-year-maternity-leave! She can even repeat another 3 years if she becomes pregnant again. Oh lord Austria! I thought Norway was the world champion in social welfare…

Timmy – her son and our mascot.

Diego – My surf-buddy and instructor. We’ve been surfing (waves) together for the last week and I’m right now more excited about the surfing then the kiting. Yeeez it’s fun! The Spanish pro kiter, surfer and windsurfer is here to compete in Masters of the Ocean, and he always smiles. :)

Adar – My guitar hero. He let’s me use his guitar and gives me some pointers once in a while. (Tears in…) HEAVEN!!! I will definately buy a guitar when I get back to Noruega and keep going.

Bogie – a New York’an TV-host and electrician. She has written a television-series about quirky sex set in the Alcapone house (her appt.building in NY and the former home of the mafiaboss). She is practicing witchcraft.

Freddy – The Swedish “Norwegian-pilot”, who’s been living two blocks away from the Marshmellow-flat (my home) in Oslo until he recently moved back to Stockholm… And now we’ve been neighbors in Cabarete for allmost a month. Freddy, happy trails till we meet again!

Nina – The Norwegian flightattendant and kitesurf-queen who I did the massive downwinder with in Brazil! Happily reunited…

And lastly but not leastly: The Israelis, the sailor, the chick kitepro from Austria, the Alaska’s, the sweetest local surfers and kiters, my easy-going roommate Nana, the Ju Jitzu trainer and all the fine people working at the Extreme Hotel.

I’ve felt sooo at home here… Cabarete and you guys – in my <3 forever…

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