Surfchampionship and hammocks

And yeah, as of my bad luck yesterday, boa sorte (good luck) came my way today. In Taiba this weekend it has been “the final of the Brazilian national surf-championship”. A sentence that in itself lingers the smell of excitement, music, smily happy people and coco-nut oil. Also Vincent finished the kiterepair so I just got back from some amazing few hours in the lagoon after having watched the incredibly skilled surfers this morning. Last night I was invited to a BBQ with a french family I just met: “Boogie-Franco”, his wife, their daughter and a dog named caipi (short for caiprinha).They have built their dreamhome here. And their house had the perfect ambience -with hammocks everywhere, giant pillows, a bed in the garden and a huuuge projector on the wall for film-screeenings and photos. The wall could contain any “painting” they feel like. Ironically I get to practice my french in Brazil and we had a blast! So cheers in caipi for inspiration #2; Go to, or invite, unfamiliar people for dinner. The outcome can definately be lots of laughter (the best calorie-burner of them all). Hospitality, good atmosphere and comfort makes a home, and projectors and hammocks does it for me. I did hang up two hammocks on the terrace of marsmellow-bo this summer, but both of them broke. Anyhow, a new note to self: Don’t give up on this hammock-project(or). You love’em!


5 thoughts on “Surfchampionship and hammocks

  1. Damn lady. By some reason, exactly what I expected. Go mad, and keep us posted and inspired. Tripple hugs from Kolbotn. ;)))

  2. It feels like I´m travelling with u, fantastic vibe, enjoy the days M.

    And also enjoy Jonathan (the seagull), he sure can fly, and knows how to follow his dreams :-)

    Take care sweetie, sending lots of thoughts!

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