This weekend: Roadtripping with Katie, a girl who owns and runs the kiteschool and “Pousada Revolution”, the most chilled hangout in Taiba. It has that special welcoming feel to it, and so has she. A really fun(ky), laidback chick from the UK who seems to be taking care of everyone that passes her way. And she’s definately drawing up her own trails, with good genes. Her father was the bassplayer of the Animals and a musicproducer.

Get this one: He was the one who discovered Jimmy Hendrix and made him a star. How supercool is that! Cool cat, with a cool dad.

The two of us filled up her boogie with kitegear and drove south to a larger buzzier Taiba, Cumbuco. It was a big kitesurf competition there with lots of smily windaddicts hanging around. We kited ourselves, watched the pros and joined the party. Skinnydipping, pool bathing and dancing all night long. It turned out to be a pretty damn good legendary party this one. Jeeez.

Katy, has for allmost 6 years now, created a place with so much charm and good vibes that I would say it’s the heart and soul of Taiba. And she is only 29. Inspirational (#5) this one… I give her a big fat “like”.

Oh, and by the way -all good roadtrips gets at least one flat tire, no?



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