Whiff of cruelness

Freaky, freaky, freaky. Ok, let’s rewind here. I was a bit disappointed in Itacare and left to Barra Grande (with bus and ferry). I wanted to go to this amazing secret 40km unspoilt beauty of a beach (thanks for the advice André) to go scubadiving. But the boat needed to the divespot was appearantly under repair for yet another week. So unfortunately no coral-dive for me… Anyhow, it was well worth the trip. And my hike with a speedboat back, was a little peace of backpackin’ San Tropez; sunbathing on deck with dancemusic pumping from the speekers. On the peer I met a Brazilian and a spanish guy, living in the inland nature-reserve Chapada Diamantina. They could tell me that they had just left Itacare and that they didn’t like it there at all.

The guys told me a history that is not mentioned in the tourist-brochures, of slavery and slaughtering. It was once a notorious hideout for pirates. And hundreds, thousands and millions of african slaves were taken to Itacare after the nightmarish voyages on slave ships, to be sorted for perpetual bondage or killings…

With the creepy whiff of the cruelness of colonialism, I took the nightbus and ferry back to Salvador again.

PS: Most of the pictures are taken from the bus, from my windowseat.20111218-080002.jpg20111218-080026.jpg20111218-080042.jpg20111218-080116.jpg20111218-080131.jpg20111218-080144.jpg20111218-080151.jpg

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