Milk and crackers

Last night, Alef (a friend from Fortaleza) and I packed his car full of milk and crackers and drove around Salvador to hand out to the misfortunate. To kids who are born into a lifetime of struggle in the street… My idea of christmas is simple: It is too love others and to be with people that you love. And most likely you are loved in return…

But there are so many men, women and children being all alone during the holidays. So while we are getting stuffed drinking our fancy wine… Let’s not forget about the pitiful homeless in the salvation army line… It felt inhumane to take pictures of these encounters, so I didn’t do that. But the pictures I captured in my mind will hopefully be stored there.

So girl (#15), don’t ever forget the kid on the beach (the one with the dog). Don’t ever forget his face glowing in the city street lights when getting milk and salty crackers for christmas dinner. Don’t ever forget the children like him…

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