Cars, gasoline, Cuba, Chavez

Hugo Chavez, with his anti-globalization stand and romantically socialist vision for Latin America, speaks on the telly an hour a day. Sometimes ten, if he feels like it. Most of the locals we’ve gotten to know here are against Chavez. And the few ones who do like him and watch his hourly propaganda everyday, are still against his regime…

On this stop of the journey I’ve gotten two in one! Venezuela and Cuba. Or at least the way I imagine Cuba to be. Everything foreign is expensive, and so are cars. Almost double the price as in Norway. And therefore noone can afford new ones and the streets are filled with old rusty Am-cars. Gasoline is on the contrary ridiculously cheap. Oh boy! Venezuela is one of the world’s largest oilproducing countries with a “seemingly bottomless pot of black gold” and 130 liters costs about 1 US dollars! Which is less than the price of a big bottle of water. So I am concidering to build a pipe, freight oil from here to Norway and become an oilbaronesse. It could work!

More facts about the polarizing president: He has redesigned the flag and made his own halfhour timezone. in order to help the poor schoolchildren to wake up with sunrise. Ahhh, you are so kind uncle Hugo!






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