Adicora and the surfing twin

Adicora, the quiet beachtown in Venezuela (slash Cuba), is a village filled with pastel-colored houses. Most of them are empty vacation-houses, but the few of them that are occupied, are the homes of the sweetest most hospitable Venezuelans. The next president-to-be (?) of “Europe”, the trash-guy, a lovely German couple. And the surfing twin; A german who was part of founding the surfsport back in the days.

In Adicora we’ve stayed most of our days in the “kitehouse” with the Germans, Daniela and Roland. Roland is a kiter who has spent 11 seasons in Adicora. He used to run a bakery and bakes heavenly bread. And he plays the guitar. Daniela distributes Core-kites in Germany and has a huge contagious smile and heart. The couple runs a surfshop and the largest artificial climbing-wall in Europe. And two, three months a year they go away to chase the sun and the sea. The lovely couple generously invited us to stay with them, and it has been one big happy kite-collective since we moved in.

Adicora is truly perfect for kiting, probably the best spot we’ve all been to, when there is wind… But this year, as oppose to the last 11 years, there is rain instead. And rain means no wind…

So we’ve been waiting, waiting and waiting some more for the rain to go and the wind to arrive. And while waiting we’ve had jamesession nights, we’ve cooked, baked, made our own spanish-course, done an execution through the desert plains to the World Heritage city Coro, dined at the one restaurant in town and “solved” world problems. We’ve also been hanging out with the local characters. And there are quite some characters around. For example the Romanian who has hitchhiked through 43 countries and now uses his metaldetector in the search for luck, gold and diamands in the Venezuelan savannah. He is 100% sure he one day will become “the president of Europe”. Good luck with that one buddy! Or the environmental activist and surfer who built his house solely on trash. Or my favorite, the 73-year old charismatic windsurfpioneer Manfred charchulla, who is known for crazy stunts with his twinbrother: Tandem windsurfing from Dover to Calais or from Skagen to Kristiansand (where they were haunted by the Norwegian police because of their missing passports).

Manfred talks about his many lifestories, in long vivid monologues. And with his ability to paint the timeless excitements of the adventures right infront of your eyes, he brings you there with him “in the black night fighting the deadly currents…” Manfred also paints oilpaintings. He takes a stiff drink before breakfast, he plays the guitar and sings like if he’s still the star of the show (he used to have a band). And lastly but not leastly he windsurfs and kites, together with his beloving wife Bea. What a lively inspiring #18 elderly couple! If I, at their age, could have a fraction of the same shining life in my eyes- and be half as playful as them, I would be a happy old camper.

I loved my waiting-time in Adicora for a little over a week. It has given me room to get to know some incredible people and stories. And the few times the wind has paid us it’s precious visits, it has been nothing less than fantastic and well worth the wait.



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