One night in Curacao

I am wearing my nicest colorful dress, a flower in the hair and my finest make-up. I am going on a date in Curacao, one of the Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean.

Curacao is the one of the five islands with the most culture and dutch architechtural influence. The town of Williemstaad reminds me of our very own harborpride, Bergen. The beaches? Well, they are Caribbean. Turquoise water and pale white sand. My date is at the Hilton hotel, and I am escorted by the piccolo to a big room with a private balcony overlooking the island and the sea. The two kingsize beds has soft duvets and crisp white linen. There is a large bathroom equipped with a bathtub and luxurious Crabtree and Evelyn toiletries.

The date is with me, myself, the big flatscreen TV, roomservice, a glass of white wine with icecubes and a hot bath. It’s been a long time since I’ve had my own room and the first time I’m watching television or feeling warm water since the past 3 months (I’ve been “showering” by pouring a bucket of cold water over my head since the desert in Colombia).

The anniversary: Today, while in my Julia-Roberts-in-Pretty-Woman-moment, rolling around in both the beds and using all the towels (bad for the environment – heavenly for me), it’s excactly 3 months since I left Norway. I am midways in my travels. There hasn’t been any big injuries or robbings (knock on wood) and I am still a happy adventuretripper.

Oh, and to you my date (myself); please try not to forget #19 how lucky you are with all the amenities at home. Remember this feeling once you get used to clean tap-water and hot showers at Marshmellow-bo.


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