Ticket booked and marshmallow handover…

Yup, it still feels kind of funny to do this blogging thing, so its been already two weeks. But I´m trying again, and here´s my post #2 and a mini-update on the adventuretripping:

I´ve moved out of my apartment. A sweet German girl, Christine, has taken over the marshmallow-flat (nicknamed as of my lamp, which is a bucket filled with marshmallows). The number of marshmallows in this lamp decreases in mysterious ways whenever there are kids around… And today I promised my cousin of 8 that if he does become a world champion skateboarder, which is his mission, he´ll get ALL these marshmallows! So don´t sell the “the one-year-old-rock-hard-sugary-stuff” in the meanwhile Christine. Or eat them.

Enough about marshmallows.

Because of the handover I´ll therefore be ”couch-surfing” in Oslo until I leave. And for now, the first weeks, I´m lucky to be staying with my kindest bestest buddy just down the road. I stay in a room on the rooftop and tonight I wanted a quiet night in although it is the nicest evening in town, ”The Oslo Culture Night”, where dance, music and literature floats freely through the city. But here I am on the couch watching the night from the window sill. The world outside is moving and I’m laying still.

But for sure I will be joining in soon. I booked my ticket yesterday, and the trip looks like this:

A one-way-ticket to Fortaleza, Brazil 26th of October.

I´ve decided I want to have the possibiliity to choose my way on the way and I ´ve got a feeling that good stuff will come by keeping it all open…

So farewell for now marshmellow-flat, welcome to Oslove Christine and soon… Hello Brazzziiiilou!



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