Surprises, Stefan & Anne

Sweetest Matty and Benne, which surprised me with coffee, buns and a ride to the airport at wayyyy to early this morning, made my day! With Benne’s specially made good-morning playlist for the ride, even at 4:15 in the morning, you girls rock!!! In the plane and in the backpack there were two more surprises; a buddha-notebook to write down my inner secrets and the novel “Jonathan the Seagull” with a beautifully written letter. BIG thanks Matty, Benne and Hanne for making the goodbye so special. Allthough I usually hate goodbyes and must admit I cried a few tears when you left…
I promised myself that I’ll be writing down what inspires me along the way here, to collect the memories in my first ever attempt of some sort of diary. So cheers to the first (#1) inspiration which came from you girls back home. “Surprises” are never out of fashion. Large or small, a little card or time together. Whatever they are -they are soooo aprecciated. Thanks again… Then a long planeride, some sleeping, more sleeping, a bit of reading, moviewatching, even more sleeping and a transit later, I met a really nice couple. She, a model. He, a photgrapher. She, assisting in the photoshoot. And now, allthough based in Munich, they travel around the globe kitesurfing and taking photos. Cool people, different and inspiring lifestyle. Let’s meet up again Stefan and Anne! :)


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