Things are rolling

Keith’s bicycle is rolling rock steady every day, every stage – thank God! He impresses me more and more. My mum, who arrived a few days ago, seems to be rolling along with the flow, and the Giro-organization seems to be keeping the wheels spinning in a professional and extremely friendly way. They even give their precious time to try to help us. We’re now officially a part of the Giro d’Italia 2012!

Our car is now decorated with the Giro-stickers, which gives us some pretty amazing accesses. We’re for example allowed to drive on the course! We have press-passes, which gives us allowance to hang out almost everywhere and Keith doesn’t have to worry so much abt being stopped by the police. Even my mum has got a pink ribbon around the neck, which not only gives her access to the juicy stuff, but also gives her a ticket back to her 20ies. The whole “road trip” is a juvenile injection, botox, face-lift. And while we are driving every day together from the start- to the finish-line, listening to the playlist I’ve made for her called “muttern” (mom), she is glowing! And for me to experience this all with her, makes this adventure just so much more priceless.

News abt the news: Keith has until now been featured in some Danish newspapers and a few cycling websites. But a few days ago the Norwegian TV2 guys (some incredibly skilled and lovely boys) did a story abt our project for the Norwegian sports-news. Yesterday we were interviewed by Gazatta dello Sport, the founder of the Giro (95 years ago). And we also have an interview scheduled with Sydney Morning Herold. Crossing our fingers for that one… After all, two of the organization we’re raising money for are Australian. So it would be great with some attention “down unda”. And everyday we see that the word has reached a little bit longer. Like yesterday when a presenter from Eurosport UK tweeted Keith’s accomplishment for 16 000 followers to see! This support for him and the causes are surely what keeps him motivated for rolling on those bike-wheels for 8 hours, or more, a day.

Yesterday was 17th of May. That is our national day, and almost as big of a day in Norway as Christmas eve. Everyone dresses up, parades, sings, waves flags, smiles and eats as much ice-cream as possible. And we drink champagne for breakfast, until we go to bed. But this year, the national day was not red, white and blue like the Norwegian flag. It was Giro-pink. We drove through the course (allowed by the police as of our magic car-stickers), and we were greeted with cheering Italians during the whole route. There were flags, balloons, smiles and fun all the way. And through the car-windows, we were fed with ice-cream, coffee and even wine. Although the home-brewed wine (tasting more like spirits) was only for my “20-year-old” mum to drink, as I was driving. What a delightful day on the wheels!

Happy national-day from Italy fellow Norwegians. Hope that you had a fantastic day stuffing yourself, and that today’s headache and stomach-ache is all worth it. :)













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