Taiba baby

There is a tiny fishing village northeast in Brasil called Taiba. It’s not in lonely planet, It’s hardly on the map, it has a handful of restaurants, one pharmacy, two grocery-stores and no bar. But rumors say there will open one next week… And rumors say it’ll probably close again the week after. We’ll see. My pilot-uncle, who has travelled all around the world, and back, fell in love with the place and bought a house here 15 years ago. Then my grandparents fell in love (with the place) and followed 5 years later. It has a very local charm. White beaches meeting raw rocks that melts into perfect natural pools at low-tide. Horses riding in the sanddunes. And really happy mellow people; fishermen, fishermens women, surfers and kitesurfers. Yep, cause the best of it all, it happens to be one of the best spots in the world for kitesurfing! And one of the best spots in Brazil for surfing. I’ve been here a few times before and have some local friends around. I also have some routines I tend to stick with, like my daily morning beach-walk or an acai on my way to the lagoon. So it allready feels pretty homy. And this place Taiba, this remote paradise, luckily forgotten by lonely planet, is where I am right now. Sweet!


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