The magic of a conversation in one of Indias wholiest cities, Rishikesh: “Did you hear about the wild elephant who came down to the village and smashed a shop last night? Appearantly it was angry so they gave him herbal medicine.”

Eggs, alcohol and meat are forbidden. Yoga, healing, reiki, Aurvedic medicine and wholy cows are most welcome. The village by the river Ganges has been visited by all the Hindu Gods, Gurus and other spirituality-seekers throughout history. And now I’ve found my way here. I’m doing yoga everyday, eating rawfood, learning 1st degree Reiki, hanging out with people I’ve met, getting Aurvedic massages or cleansing and getting my feet wet in the Ganges. I am absolutely deeply madly in love with this place and I must come back!!! But today I am going away to a temple, Dhamma Salila, on a small island a few hours away. I’ll be doing a Vipassana-retreat, an old meditation technique originated from India, meaning I’ll be going into ten days of absolute silence. I’ll be awaken at 4am, and get two meals a day. The last one at 11:30. There will be ten hours of meditation for ten days, meaning I’ll be meditating for 100 hours in total. I cannot look people in the eyes, read books, write or listen to music. Wish me good luck! We’ll speak again on the other side…






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