Yesterday at about 11am on the 11th 2011 we picked up Maggie at the airport in Fortaleza. She’s staying for 5 weeks. Happiness!!! At around 11pm om the 11th 2011 we went to celebrate the fullmoon in the lagoon. People were kiting in the moonlit still-water. We watched. Today, another day out of the water. Hopefully the last… But another day of celebration.

Greetings and love is hereby sent with the Brazilian hot wind to you Martine (namesister and b-day kid), and also to you guys at the surprise 30th party tonight. How kind of you to organize this Kristin, Madde, Frida -and more. Speaking from the three of us (Maggie, Henry and I), we wish we could be with you now, not only in spirit. But hope you’ll get our “telegrams”? May you have a happy happy b-day. And in fact many other happy days. Caipi-cheers under the same moon Xxx

And to you Bruusebassen, now aka kitesurf-queen: I can’t believe you’re allready leaving tomorrow… Taiba baby and myself will miss you. Aloha to you my friend!!! Keep on cruizin.



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