A guy who has been around the bruised block quite a few times before, scared me off this morning by saying I’ll probably get a “man-scar” if I don’t get my wound more healed. I saw this as my sign to take yet another day out of the S.E.A. So instead: Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice that uses a palm healing technique to transfer universal energy (reiki) that is meant to bring self-healing and a state of equilibrium. Hideoshi, a Japanese-Brazilian, offers surflessons, hot stone massage and Reiki. He comes around with aloe vera leaves (for my wounds) and fresh mint (for tea) from his garden, and does his third degree Reki-practice on me. I can feel the warmth of his hands long before he first touches my forehead, so it’s pretty Buddhalicious. But I’m not sure if it’s special reiki-power or if it’s purely the gentle touch of anyones hands that are making that healing feeling. For sure I believe that some simple energy-sharing and touch can do wonders, also in the non-spiritual citylife. Remember that girl (#7)! So thanks for your healing hands Hideoshi. And dearest, O thy Windguru, please give me a healed bruise and fun times in the waves tomorrow. Amen & Namaste!


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