Postcard to home

Dear xxx,
It’s been a few days now since my last post. And there are still no major headlines from here. I must dissapoint you in not having any Machu Puchu-hikes or indigenous sleep-overs to write home about. Yet… Maybe that will come later. But until now, the days have been pretty routinal… Here are the local news from this week, in short. The most actionfilled event: I swallowed half the sea (fighting the board and the kite) on yesterdays “downwinder”, which means you are kiting downwind from one destination ending up somewhere else. The most heroic passbyer: A true survivor of a Great white shark attack. Half of his upperbody was scarred… With the visibel signs of large teeth and a dreadful bite. But he, seemingly fine after the accident, is happily back in the water. Then some (not so actionfilled but oh so cozy) family-news: My sweetest mum and grandparents arrived last week. Happytimes!!! And lastly, no news but a fact: Today I’m having office hours (from the hammock). I need to book my flights for early january when I’ll be leaving Brazil. I am thinking the following: To fly to Colombia and stay there a few weeks (that works for both kiting and culture), then do a mountain-treck somewhere, maybe Venezuela? And then prehaps some more stops on the way up Central America before heading to Hawaii. What to do folks? I should book a few flights now as the prices rockets. And I find it hard to choose which country to visit. I know it is not my only one chance to choose destinations from this candyshop of a planet, but I wanna do it right this time… So if anyone actually reads this and can give me some pointers, please shout. Any kind of tips and shares are greeted with mucho (air)hugs and love…
Yours truly xxx


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