Say “cheeze”!

Photography is an attempt of trying to posess the beauty in a moment. An attempt of actively and consciously capturing what it is in that excact time & place that moves us, and makes us wanna owe a squared piece of it for our albums. But photography can also be the alternate of paying attention to the surroundings, as the camera shoots them anyway. I have allways been crap at taking pics, but pretty good at seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting and posessing them for my inner-harddrive. But since these capturings have only been stored in my mind, I don’t know which of them has, or will fade… So I’m working on it (to take more photos) and I’ve gotten better. This morning Maggie and I assigned ourselves to shoot details in the beachwalk, and try to capture a bit of the totality.

By actively looking (#8) for details and visually describing them, we saw many new shades in the morning-routine, also in the neighboring “hood”.







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