The land of wind, caipi, roadtrips…

… And so much more.
The world’s fifth largest country (population 201 million), with an array of natural and cultural wonders, rainforrest, buzzing cities, sanddunes, islands surrounded by reefs and rich aquatic life, big surf, windy kitesurf, thundering waterfalls, dazzling and deserted beaches. Enchanting carnevalrythmic nightlife, lazy daylife, amazing wildlife and a culturally diversed; rich/ poor, favela/ middleclass, indigenous/ big-city, Catholic/ Evangelistic, capoeirapracticing/ footballplaying/ sambadancing -Brazilian life.

With so much going for them, it is not so strange that the Brazilians say “Deus e Brasileiro” (God is Brazilian)…

And allthough the poverty, social ills and violence looms, the country is booming. With less unemployment, record numbers of new jobs, rising economy, and former president Lula’s antipoverty programs that are helping a large number of the worst-offs. I would love to understand everything about this positive, energetic place, but it will take a lifetime to travel all around “the great land of the future”. I guess I don’t have that much time…

But, as a start, and for the next few weeks, Maggie and I are gonna roadtrip through the 800km+ stretch of the beautiful Ceara-coastline. Starting the engines and taking off now, we’ll keep you posted on our pitstop-stories. So long, and broooom!



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