The final act

Last night we went to Circus Fantastico in Itarema, the nearest village of Ilha do Guajiru (where we’re at now). Introduced by the classical deep MC-voice, through the haze of popcorn and dust, flames and colored lights; an obese female midget danced sexydance, a midget kid flipped around doing little M.Jackson-ish dancemoves and a male midget danced with an older man. There were also trapese artists, a clown, a young boy dressed as a tranvestite and a dachs doing trix. It was all pretty odd… Jens (the hitchhiker), Jamie (a Bob Marley-look-alike from Colombia), Scott (from USA), Maggie and I, were seated frontrow. And besides us, the audience were all the kids in the village and liquor-drinking adults, shifting between laughing-out-loud and being in awe. After the show the circus-artists themselves were selling popcorn and beer in the stalls outside the tent. So the whole bunch of us were outside when Maggie says she was feeling dizzy.

A fraction of a second later, she disappears in the arms of Bob Marley and myself. She’s out, fainting. We get her in a chair and she awakes a moment later surrounded by; (besides us), the obese sexydancing midget, the male- and the kid-midget, the trapese artists, the transvestite, the clown and the dachs, all staring at her.

She was surely the star of the final act. Surreal!!! But no worries mates… Maggie was only dehydrated and some water-downing later, she was all good.

Right now: Waiting for high-tide in Ilha do Guajiru, Scott and Maggie are kiterepairing and the white rabbit is suntanning.




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