Red Bull Ragnarok 2012

This story, set in the Norwegian mountains, is of me and 200 snowkiters from more than 20 countries (including myself) fighting the elements and battling each other on a massive snowcapped plateu of Hardangervidda.

I’m doing quite a few meetings back home to figure out the next move in regards to work. But last Thursday my meeting was cancelled, last minute. And in the last instant I get a lift up the 4-hour-ride to Haugastøl, the location for this years Red Bull Ragnarok, a snowkite race that got is name ‘Ragnarok’ after the last battle between the good and the evil Gods in Norse mythology. Where only the heroes survived the battlefield. I have never tried snowkiting before. The race was full -with more than 400 peeps on the waiting list. And I didn’t have a place to stay in the massively overbooked guesthouse. But I did make a deal with Red Bull to write their press-releases in Norwegian and english, in exchange of a matress, meals and racepass.

It was an insane rush to participate in the race, and to see 200 flying kites at the starting line! Although my results sucked and I freezed my butt off, I am super happy to have snowkited as yet another winter was about to pass without me having tried.

More action in this story? Oh yeah, but this needs more explanation than words. See dutch Ruben Lenten forgetting that his kite (with super thin lines) is not made for paragliding here.




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