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Fishy Norway

Not that I was in any doubt, but After 5 weeks of traveling along the whole coast of Norway from Oslo all the way up to Finnmark – I’m more in love than ever before. In Norway – and in seafood. It’s been a project that I was lucky to be responsible for on behalf of the great marketing agency Jimmy Royal for the Norwegian Seafood-council and the main mission was to revive the tradition of seafood and inspire people to appreciate and eat more of it. Did you know that Norway has the largest coastline in the world and is the second largest exporter of fish after China? Did you know that 31 million meals of safood from Norway are being eaten daily around the world? I don’t think a lot of Norwegians do either… Norway has the best seafood in the world, yet Norwegians name 10 national dishes containing meat, before fish.

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Surprises, Stefan & Anne

Sweetest Matty and Benne, which surprised me with coffee, buns and a ride to the airport at wayyyy to early this morning, made my day! With Benne’s specially made good-morning playlist for the ride, even at 4:15 in the morning, you girls rock!!! In the plane and in the backpack there were two more surprises; a buddha-notebook to write down my inner secrets and the novel “Jonathan the Seagull” with a beautifully written letter. BIG thanks Matty, Benne and Hanne for making the goodbye so special. Allthough I usually hate goodbyes and must admit I cried a few tears when you left…
I promised myself that I’ll be writing down what inspires me along the way here, to collect the memories in my first ever attempt of some sort of diary. So cheers to the first (#1) inspiration which came from you girls back home. “Surprises” are never out of fashion. Large or small, a little card or time together. Whatever they are -they are soooo aprecciated. Thanks again… Then a long planeride, some sleeping, more sleeping, a bit of reading, moviewatching, even more sleeping and a transit later, I met a really nice couple. She, a model. He, a photgrapher. She, assisting in the photoshoot. And now, allthough based in Munich, they travel around the globe kitesurfing and taking photos. Cool people, different and inspiring lifestyle. Let’s meet up again Stefan and Anne! :)


Ticket booked and marshmallow handover…

Yup, it still feels kind of funny to do this blogging thing, so its been already two weeks. But I´m trying again, and here´s my post #2 and a mini-update on the adventuretripping:

I´ve moved out of my apartment. A sweet German girl, Christine, has taken over the marshmallow-flat (nicknamed as of my lamp, which is a bucket filled with marshmallows). The number of marshmallows in this lamp decreases in mysterious ways whenever there are kids around… And today I promised my cousin of 8 that if he does become a world champion skateboarder, which is his mission, he´ll get ALL these marshmallows! So don´t sell the “the one-year-old-rock-hard-sugary-stuff” in the meanwhile Christine. Or eat them.

Enough about marshmallows.

Because of the handover I´ll therefore be ”couch-surfing” in Oslo until I leave. And for now, the first weeks, I´m lucky to be staying with my kindest bestest buddy just down the road. I stay in a room on the rooftop and tonight I wanted a quiet night in although it is the nicest evening in town, ”The Oslo Culture Night”, where dance, music and literature floats freely through the city. But here I am on the couch watching the night from the window sill. The world outside is moving and I’m laying still.

But for sure I will be joining in soon. I booked my ticket yesterday, and the trip looks like this:

A one-way-ticket to Fortaleza, Brazil 26th of October.

I´ve decided I want to have the possibiliity to choose my way on the way and I ´ve got a feeling that good stuff will come by keeping it all open…

So farewell for now marshmellow-flat, welcome to Oslove Christine and soon… Hello Brazzziiiilou!



You never know what the future holds…

I can´t believe I´m saying these words, but “welcome to my blog”. Me… Martine Kveim, I am apparently a blogger. You see, I´ve been avoiding this for many years, although I work with marketing and digital stuff everyday. But now, an evening in my flat in Oslo september 2011, I am officially a blogger.

Why now?

In about 8 weeks time. from November 1st, I am going on an adventure. I´ve got six months leave from work and I´m going to see what the world has to offer. But I have no idea what kind of path the adventure will take. I am not stressed about it though, it rather feels thrilling. It´s beautiful to let fate decide, but for sure fate could need some help sometimes, and maybe this blog could come in handy. If anyone of you who reads this now have any sort of traveladvice to share, I will be very grateful. The only thing I know is that I want to kitesurf as much as possible, snowboard and do a bit of the whole inner-peace-shabang. I believe I will start in north of Brazil, where the wind is good in november/december (I also have family up there) and spend most of the months in South-and Central-America, then maybe Hawaii, and at the end to the alps for a bit snoooow? But I´m not sure. Not a single ticket has yet been booked, so all tips are welcomed with gratefulness.

What I am sure of though, is that I will meet and visit inspirational people and places. So I want to be aware and cherish the good stuff coming my way by posting one piece of what inspires me along the way, everyday. Or as long as it feels right and as long I can get online.

So dear family, mamma, pappa, Ollie´s, grandma, loving friends, Marie Moe´s, Matty, Lille Buddha, Axel, MaScott, Kølabonn, Henry, Martinene, Magster, Cec, The Pariente-Kohns, Dar Dar and whoever´s interested: Maybe you can travel with me and keep me company if I keep you posted on this blog? I´m gonna try not to post only crap. So, please welcome!